VUSA Kids Coaching Clinic

The VUSA kids eagerly anticipated the coaching session, hosted by the Ikey Tigers on the Green Mile, on Saturday, 15 February. It was brilliant! 130 girls and boys enjoyed the rugby coaching from the young men of Ikey’s rugby club.

Whilst the rugby was good, the real highlight was the interaction of the older men with the kids. High fives, verbal encouragement and a real interest in the kids was a joy to behold. Role models are key in all our children’s lives!

Sharing knowledge, expertise, facilities and our shared love of rugby is the way forward. We look forward to growing our relationship with the Ikey Tigers in the future.

By Brendan Fogerty of VUSA

“The UCT RUGBY FC social partnership with Bishops and VUSA is a highlight on the club’s calendar. It is now tradition to invite over 130 girls and boys and their coaches to the Green Mile for an exciting coaching clinic where the boys meet our players who will continue to mentor and coach them in Langa throughout the year.

For me what is a phenomenal site is how our young first-year students and players completely relax after a few minutes with the kids and coach their skills through all language barriers. Thereafter, preparing hotdogs for the kids in a most meticulous manner. A truly special experience for all.”

By JONATHAN Biderman-Pam,
Ikey’s Club Director