Q&A with George Divondi Luzolo

R10k tournament prize, or 2 cases of beer in the changing room after each match? We ask George Divondi Luzolo, Internal League Director, the important questions about the return of this year’s highly anticipated Internal League competition.

1. George, fantastic job directing this year’s Internal League Tournament. What was your personal highlight?

My absolute favourite rugby memory is when the Springboks won the Rugby World Cup. I remember, I had to watch the game on campus (in a lecture theatre while studying) because exam week was coming up. Winning the World Cup was the prepare I need for my exams.

When it comes to internal league, I think my personal highlight would be having the league up and running again and getting players back onto the field. That was very special.

2. You must have seen some good rugby over the past few months. Any player’s we should be looking out for in 2023?

Some great rugby was played during the internal league this year. Many players really stood out. However, if I had to pick one, I think Marry Willson had a fantastic season as an individual player and a captain. He did an amazing job in getting his team to the final through his great captaincy and individual brilliance (skills). He is definitely a must watch for next season.

3. You had the Ikey Pub open throughout the tournament – any good stories from the post-match festivities?

My absolute favourite post-match function was after the final. The Knights (first runner up) and the Nadoes (tournament winners) battled each other off the field in series of war cries and fine songs. The spirit of comradery that was displayed was unreal. Displaying what UCT internal rugby is about.

4. Internal League has been running for decades in various formats, but you had to rebuild from scratch after 2 Covid years without it – what made this year special?

What made this year’s internal league special was the sheer amount of determination, will and hard work that was put in by the Club’s Director, Jonny Biderman-Pam and General Manager, Gavin Sheldon to get the league running again after a very long break. Seeing how passionate these two gentlemen were on having the boys back on the park and the ball rolling again was certainly special.

5. Important question. Would you rather have a R10k tournament prize, or 2 cases of beer in the changing room after each match?

2 cases of beer without any doubt. Friendships that are forged while sharing a beer is unmatched. They last for a lifetime.

6. The Knights took home the silverware – what gave them the edge this year?

Without any doubt the Knights skipper did a great job in rallying his troops together this year. They were unquestionably one of the most consistent team in the tournament. The skipper really did a great job in getting the boys to focus and to prepare well for each week.

7. Looking ahead to next year, what’s on the cards for us to get excited about?

Next year should be very exciting, especially since we are hooping to have more than 10 teams in the internal league. Also, especially after this year I think next year more teams will come back prepared and hungry to compete.

8. Anything else you would like to share?

In a nutshell, this year’s UCT internal league ruby was one of the clubs highlight for the year. Some great rugby was displayed. The lads enjoyed themselves, played hard on the field and shared a cold beer off the field. An awesome way to get the ball rolling again after a long time. Special thanks to Jonny Biderman-Pam and Gavin Sheldon for making it happen.