The History of Ikeys in the Varsity Cup

The Ikey Tigers finished top of the Varsity Cup log for the 2021 group stages. They played 8 games and won 8 with one game cancelled due to Covid and called a draw – remaining unbeaten until the final. This is the first time since the inception of the Varsity Cup that Ikeys have gone unbeaten leading up to the knockout stages.

Varsity Cup Match Reports

Varsity Cup match reports on all five matches that have been played by the Ikey Tigers.

Raun Billett earns his 100th cap as First Team Manager

We catch up with Raun Billett who earned his 100th cap as the First Team Manager when Ikeys played against UJ in the Varsity Cup on 11 April.

A walk down memory lane with Ikeys and Wits – the two traditionally English universities

There has been a tradition of competitive games between the two traditionally English universities. When Wits first took part in the Varsity Cup they initially struggled, but since 2017 the Ikeys had not beaten Wits and the two teams have been very evenly matched.