Invincible Ikeys

The FNB Ikey Tigers u20 squad has enjoyed an incredible season by not only winning their domestic league, but also going unbeaten in all of their matches. Earning the right to be called invincibles, players and fans alike can rest assured knowing that despite a tough season, the UCT club still brought home some silverware. Coach Tom Dawson-Squib cuts a figure of a very proud coach, and was very quick to acknowledge the efforts of all those around him.

“Firstly, the most important thing has been the quality of the management staff. They’re so committed to what we have going here, and they’re good at what they do,” coach Dawson-Squib started explaining when asked about what went right this season.

“Secondly, we’ve got a good leadership group here. We obviously had a great captain this season, but then there are also guys who take charge during games in other areas like our lineouts and backline, and they’ve been responsible for keeping the energy high and that has definitely contributed to our performance this season,” he said.

“So I really am grateful for the assistant coaches and our leadership team. We’ve tried to create a culture that guys can really buy into. We wanted them to really become friends, you know. We want them to be so close as a group that they’d even be at each other’s’ weddings. All we’ve tried to do is to get them to connect and put that effort in for each other and for the team,” he went on to explain.

When asked about his fondest memory of the season, coach Dawson-Squib recalled a game against Victorians where they were trailing by seven points with six minutes remaining. The team went on to score and convert two tries, the second one coming in the last play of the day, epitomising the fighting spirit that is so characteristic of the Ikeys.

Speaking on the likelihood of players eventually playing for the first team, Dawson-Squib was certain that the players have what it takes. “Eighty percent of our players are still u/19, so we can still keep the majority of them together next season. The team made each other better, but we have some outstanding players here. There are definitely guys here who can play in the first team,” he said.

Congratulations to our Invincibles on an incredible seaon!