Introducing the Ikey Coaches

Craig Childs

Defence and Kicking Game Coach

Craig is an absolute superstar. Fiercely loyal and very competitive. He brings a great deal of detail to our system and always looks at ways to push those around him. An ambitious and efficient individual whom the players really respect.

He also coaches the league 1st team, helps plan training and drives standards in the team.

Josh Carew

Forwards coach
Josh is an absolute magnet for people. King conversationalist and lover of a long luncheon. Joshy brings people together and a real love into the pack. He’s a loyal and intelligent human being.

Joshy has stepped up brilliantly this year and keeps getting better at his craft. With his intellect and people skills, he can do great things.

Gerrie “Gerald” Visser

Skills and Backs coach
Gerald makes the backs come alive and upskills all of our players with physical skill and confidence. He’s unique, energetic and very creative.

You’ll mostly see Gerald wearing his plakkies at training, and engaging in conversations with players. He has a unique gift of giving people confidence, as well as adapting to basically any situation – which is also code for ‘he does not like to plan’.

Tank Lanning

Scrum coach
Tank is passionate about scrums, braais and beers! He’s an old school lover of rugby who would happily watch scrums on repeat if he could. He brings enthusiasm to the dark arts that the players feed off – a thinker, fun-loving, ninja-bomb expert.

Tank loves his time with the pack and engaging in conversations about the scrum. A scrum technician! When not seen next to a scrum machine, he’ll be at a braai or tweeting! An Ikey stalwart.

Robbie Fleck

Attack coach
Flecky is a rugby brain par excellence! He brought something to the campaign this year that was quite remarkable. He’s got a unique ability to make the game simple, to energise players about what they can do out there, and to challenge the coach’s thinking like no other. Flecky is not a smiler, but is not immune to a good time.

Rob was a hit with the players and coaches. He was able to coach unencumbered and offered a tremendous amount to this campaign and will do so going forward – a strategist, challenger and a winner.

Mike van Rheede


Mike is much more than the physio. He’s a house master, father-figure and heads up the medical department.

He’s worked with every Varsity Cup team since 2008 and has great knowledge. Over and above his normal role he had to manage the Covid protocols this year which was no easy task – a real loving, hard-working and dependable person.

The players absolutely love Mike and trust him to get them back on the field. He still lives up to his nickname of Fortnight Van Rheede in being a cautious physio, but a more dependable man you won’t find.

Felo Sangweni

S&C coach

Felo is in his first year at UCT having come from KZN. He previously worked with the Lithuanian rugby team, so is a travelled man.

He’s responsible for the early morning gym sessions, bringing energy on-field and ensuring the boys’ bodies are battle-hardened for the competition. He’s energetic, enthusiastic and has drive.

This young man is big on social media, has some solid dance moves and loves his nutrition. He’s been a great addition to UCT.

Piet Cilliers

S&C coach

Piet joined us this year to oversee our junior conditioning and to help with rehabbing players. With the Covid situation, Piet got pulled right into the thick of the 1st team providing great knowledge to the staff. A Bio by trade with a strong academic background who loves the strategic side of S&C and provides great insights to us all.

He’s hard-working, ambitious and trustworthy. At a young age, Piet has been able to win the respect of everyone and become a key member of the team. It is great to have him at UCT.

Dylan Hadzigrigoriou

Intern Coach

Dylan joined as an intern coach. The idea was to develop a young coach in the intense Varsity Cup environment.

He has his own coaching school and coaches at Wynberg Boys as well; formerly, an U20s player at UCT so knows the club well. He’s passionate, hard-working and fun.

One thing’s for sure, and that’s that he knows his way around a fines meeting as well as a rugby field and became a really good resource for the team in the way he looked at the game and helped us all be better at our jobs.