Varsity Cup introduces time-outs

The FNB Varsity Cup presented by Steinhoff International will break even more ground this year, with the 2010 tournament set to feature time-outs – an opportunity for the players to take in some liquid refreshments, but also to allow the coaches onto the field to chat to their players.

These time-outs are based on the USA sports model, which the Varsity Cup has so successfully based itself on, and they will take place between the 18th and 22nd minutes of each half – at the referee’s discretion. (The referee will not call a time-out if the defending team is under pressure on their own goalline.)

Both head coaches will be allowed on to the field to chat to their respective teams and each time-out will last for exactly two minutes. Players, however, will not be allowed to leave the playing field during the time-out.

Duitser Bosman – the CEO of the Varsity Cup Board – said: “This is yet another new and exciting feature that we hope will continue to set the Varsity Cup apart from all other rugby competitions in the world.

“It’s obviously pretty hot at the moment, so the players will no doubt enjoy the opportunity to have a quick drink, but the coaches will also have a great opportunity to speak to their players and make some tactical changes if they need to.

“All in all,” added Bosman, ”it’s another exciting concept and one (which) we believe will add another interesting twist to an already great tournament.”