UCTRFC.co.za top of its class

The UCT website has been declared top club website in Western Province Rugby, by the Stormers and WP Magazine “Club Newlands”. The magazine took a look at how Western Province top clubs “use the internet and the advantages of having a top-of-the-table website.”

uctrfc.co.za is officially the cream of the crop, a top website fitting for a top club. It was judged on available information and services as well as design and accessibility. It is leaving Maties’ and all other club sites in its trail. “Club Newlands” explains that while a website is an excellent tool to publicise a club , it is also an extension of what a club stands for.

UCT is ahead of the pack having offered a life ticker feature of the varsity cup games whether broadcast or not. Hits were through the roof at times which implies that supporters of the competing teams also know were to go to find information.

The magazine states that websites of course also provide attractive opportunities for sponsors to align themselves  with a club. Telecommunications company Hymax are one of the first companies to get on board the successful UCT site. Hymax Managing Director Cherry Allen says: “UCT’s success in the Varsity Cup, and the immense interest the Ikeys brand creates, has made it an attractive choice for us to support and advertise with.”

With the league about to begin, a number of the site’s  signature features will come to life. Look out for reports and news in the U20s as well as the Internal League section. In particular the UCTRFC Old Boys section proves immensely popular with excellent Varsity Old Boys stories pouring in from SA and also internationally from as far and wide as Warsaw , Dublin, New Zealand and of course London.

The website gives all UCT teams and Internal League sides the opportunity to contribute, anyone who is keen to learn more, drop us a mail on ikeytigers@gmail.com.

uctrfc.co.za  – make it your own.

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