uctrfc.co.za relaunched

Welcome to the new and much improved uctrfc.co.za website!
The club’s information portal has been upgraded and is now packed full of exciting features!

The uctrfc.co.za website is and has been instrumental in providing information and this version promises to be a much more lively channel of the club’s communication. 

John Dobson UCT headcoach and Director of Primedia online (makers of rugby365.com and iafrica.com) labelled it.

“One of the best official sports sites in SA.”

FNB UCTRFC is your club – www.uctrfc.co.za is your website. Make it your own!

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Apart from more interaction and user created (YOUR!) content, we also feature new section, such as:

– Steinhoff Internal League Section

The Internal league is and has  for years been a hub of true student rugby – Wednesday nights on the Green Mile, the UCT fields – is the time when +-20 teams battle out the title of residence champions. Match day is a social occasion with hundreds of spectators, players have to be students and the tournament comprises teams such as The Nadoes, Shebeen boys, Ubumbo, or the famous Purple Cobras. Most of the teams have their own blogs or websites, now you will have your own portal as part of uctrfc.co.za where you can re-live match days and continue your friendly “life and death” rivalry. Send us your articles – all of them – ikeytigers@gmail.com – we will post them! If you are keen to write, please get in touch and we will give you admin access to upload news independently.

– UCTRFC Old Boys Section
No matter if you played last week, last year or last century, your time in the blue and white stripes glues you to this club and its people. This section aims to reconnect former “varsity” players – here you  can share  stories, memories and revive old friendships. Other players can comment on articles and there will no doubt be a healthy amount of banter to go with it. Send us your story to ikeytigers@gmail.com and we’ll get it uploaded for you.  Click here.

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