UCTRFC Old Boys – Whatever happened to… Soulman, Mwali Soul – Ikeys 2000-05

The Soulman – here supporting Dave Ricketts in a classic league dog fight vs Bellville Tech. Also in the pic Miles “Milo” Brown, Paul “Banger” Waldburger, Stephen “Snoopy” Knoop (dash of ginger) and Immanuel “Makka” MacKenzie
Whatever happened to Mwali Soul, the Soulman?  Remember the hard as nails, no nonsense Ikeys flank and lead by example prophet of the “F*&% you attitude!” on the field?

He may have had a peculiar running style, but nobody questioned it after being hunted down and stuck into the mud head first. The Soulman was an integral part of the legendary Intervarsity winning side of 2004 and also helped himself to some Western Province B colours.

Name / Nickname: Mwali Soul / Soulman

Played at varsity when, what positions and for what teams: – U21 A2, A1, Eagles (2nds) and 1st Team. Played Flank / 8th man. At the club 2000, 2001, 2002. 2003. 2004, 2005 (Ed: Why is it written like that? It will help you search by “years” at a later stage)

Where are you now and what are you doing?: IT Manager in the land of the Big Smoke – Jozi. Truth is I’d rather be a waterboy for the MC Marais XV.

Best varsity rugby memory?:

There are plenty! My top 3:
1.    Famous Stellenbosch victory – Intervarsity 2004
2.    Fighting with the Greek “Mafia” on Natal U21 tour (2001)
3.    Bum Funnels – never got, never gave but what a spectacle that was every time.

“I was renowned for”: A no-nonsense attitude on the field, big hits and being late for probably every single practice in the 6 years at varsity.

Any guys you are still in touch with?  I see Sakie Gqeba around Jozi, the rest we catch up on facebook (how heartbreaking)

Do you follow the UCT Ikey Tigers and the Club?:
I do follow all club news and developments, and certainly support the team when they play this side. It was  great to see the boys playing the opener vs Maties! Brought back such sweet distinct memories, real pity we lost. I almost broke the tv at work!

Man, how much I miss it haha! At times I’ll be thinking of a particular moment at the club pub or a game and suddenly there’ll be an outburst or laughter coming from me and people look at me like Im losing my mind or something. Once an Ikey!

This IS the Varsity Spirit! WHERE’s YOUR STORY?
send us your info to ikeytigers@gmail.com – subject UCTRFC Old Boys and we’ll get it online pronto.

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