UCTRFC Old Boys – whatever happened to Paulie P – Paul Pedersen – Ikeys 1998-2002

Remember Paulie P, the big Ikeys and Western Province lock who saw the 1st team into a new era. Paulie P hung up his boots too early, but dusted them off again for the Cape Town Tens in February.

Name, Nickname:
Paul Pedersen, Paulie P

Played at varsity when, what positions and for what teams: 1998 – 2002, Lock, u19A, u21A, 1st XV

Where are you now and what are you doing:
Unfortunately, hung up my boots due to work demands but tied the laces once more for the Cape Town 10’s competition. What a jol and great to be back on the pitch with a few of the old Varsity buggers! Otherwise, we’ve just been blessed with a precious little girl who is taking up all my time now. And I thought scrumming was hard work… Still playing touch once a week though. Currently a Management Consultant in the IT field.

Best varsity rugby memory:

Gus Enderstein’s farewell tour to Knysna. Have to admit that more drinking was done than playing rugby, but if it were not so, there would be reason for concern!

I was renowned for:
Winning my kick offs and dominating the line outs.

Best thing about UCT rugby:
The style of rugby is so expansive and free that one almost feels one is playing touch. An awesome way to play the game!

Any guys you are still in touch with:
Not many, but lately made contact with Nic Misplon, Chris (Wonky) Warncke, Paul Wallbanger and few others from the good old days.

Do you follow the UCT Ikey Tigers and the Club:
Not much to be honest but now that Ikey Tiger is around on FB I look forward to all the latest happenings and to come to a few games and support.


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