UCTRFC Old Boys – whatever happened to Danny P – Dan Palm – Ikeys 2000-2005

Remember Danny P, one of the fastest flanks to ever roam the Green Mile – there is of course a chance people were deceived cause he played alongside some real cart horses! Danny captained the Ikeys and also went on to get his Oxford colours.

Name, Nickname:

Danny P

Played at varsity when, what positions and for what teams:

Played from 2000 to 2003, 2004 and 2005. Pretty much my entire varsity career involved being open side flanker and getting my skull cracked open by angry Afrikaans potatoe farmers for always having my head in the ruck (usually on the wrong side)
Played U21A1 & A2 (started out with Fish Hove, Bodo the Door and little pocket rocket Brent Russell – obviously one can see who the underachiever was!!!)
Also played first XV from 2001  

Where are you now and what are you doing:

Working at ABSA Wealth as a Wealth Manager
Best varsity rugby memory:
2  moments – first was with the U21A2 winning against a star studded Maties A1 side on the famous Green Mile, and hearing Martin Bey use every possible adjective to describe the ref, the opposing coach and the linesman. I think a few of us learnt some very descriptive words that day
Second moment was with the 1st XV in 2005 and remaining unbeaten through the second half of the year when Solly coached us, after we had lost every game during the 1st half. Just showed the true character of UCT rugby.

I was renowned for:

Taking the first bum funnel from the bum Wella and (the old man who was at the club – i forgot his name!!!!!) Ed: Dr Hartford

Best thing about UCT rugby:

The mates, the memories and the late nights at the Old Green Man in our chinos and blue shirts

Any guys you are still in touch with:
Knoxie, Tuckers, Snoopy, Bodo

Do you follow the UCT Ikey Tigers and the Club:
Definitely – its fantastic to see UCT as one of the best in the country on the Varsity side of things. Now that I’m a married man I will have to have at least one long night at the good old rugby pup