UCTRFC Old Boys – whatever happened to Bob Shaw – Ikeys 2001-2007

Bob Shaw (coach with cap) and his mighty 3rds in 2004
Whatever happened to Bob Shaw, who Hellen Zille might remember as Henry Olonga. Bob coached UCT teams at all levels from U19 to 1st XV and is a varsity man of note!

Coached at Varsity when, and what Teams?

2001 – u/19A, 2002, 2003 – u/20 A2, 2004 – 3rd Team, 2005 – u/20 A1,  2006&2007 – 1st Team

Where are you now and what are you doing?

Teaching at a sport-mad junior school in Surrey, UK
Skills coach for Bank Of England RFC
Playing LOTS of golf
Expecting our first kwedin (kid)

Best Varsity Memories?

–          Every Intervarsity Match with big crowds (the way it should always be)
–          A beer in the pub after prac with coaches and Dave&Alfie (barmen)
–          UCT tours
–          Feeling very brave next to Neil Ellard (7ft2in 125kg Assistant Coach)

“I was renowned for”
–     Loving backline set-piece tries.
–     Hating stupid skip passes & chip kicks.
–     Embarrassing 1st Team players at touch rugby.


After a memorable 3rd Team win secured us the league, and the subsequent celebrations, I managed to drive out of UCT and straight into the rear of Helen Zille’s car. (then Minister of Education, Now Mayor of Cape Town) on the short drive home. Terrified by her bodyguards, and still feeling a little bit clever, I gave my details as ‘Henry Olonga, PO Box 2, Zimbabwe .’
Luckily I had the sense to make a quick call to my mates back in the UCT pub:  Bey (lawyer),  Dobson (police reservist), Ellard (muscle) and they raced down to pacify an understandably irate Helen Zille.
The next day I made a call to parliament and apologised to Patricia de Lille. (wrong person)…

Any Guys you are still in touch with?
Dobbo was going nowhere, so we introduced him to my wife’s best mate, Candice, and they are still married at time of writing!
Took a trip to Ireland, stayed with Richard Evans (ex A1 coach) also managed to watch Brett Wilkinson play for Connacht while we were there.

Do you follow the UCT Ikey Tigers and the Club?
All the time. Dobbo and Footy (Kevin Foote) keep me up to date – fantastic website too. Especially good to see ‘youngsters’ like JJ and Rosslee now forming the core of the side. I can’t wait to get back and come watch some Varsity Cup games.

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