UCTRFC Old Boys – remember Chris ‘Ollie’ Woolard – Ikeys 1991-92

Chris Ollie Woolard
A team of legends! Rob Brink looks about 15 and Tank Lanning already looked 35.
Remember Ollie Woolard, the legendary 1st Team Manager of the early 90s.  He was the slayer of a streaker at Intervarsity and also know as “the lollipop man”.

Name / Nickname:

Chris Woolard/Ollie – the 1992 team photo has me mistakenly named Chris Oliver

Played at varsity when, what positions and for what teams:
What do you mean play: I managed the 1st XV in 1991 and 1992. Also reffed and ran the line in the internal league for 4 years. Did turn out for the Hiddingh XV a few times, but those are best forgotten. Given the concussion I got, they are forgotten.

Where are you now and what are you doing?:
Lecturing and researching in the Centre for Materials Engineering and the SASOL Advanced Fuels Laboratory at UCT.

Best varsity rugby memory:

Making the best tackle (according to coach Allan Solomons, I suspect said with sarcasm) of the 1991 Intervarsity on a spectator who had stolen the corner flag. In her defense she was smaller than me and quite possibly drunk. No seriously, when the side beat Victorians 3 weeks after Intervarsity (which we lost), but back at the Doc Craven stadium.

Then ending up at a crazy celebration part in Stellenbosch where most of the crowd were wearing newspaper. Go Figure. But as a spectator it has to be the 1990 Intervarsity win. What a way to break a 15 year drought. Thanks to Mike Hyne’s tackling Maties were down to their 3rd team flyhalf by the end of the match.

“I was renowned for”:
Pitching up at every match with at least 12 lollipops in my jacket pockets. I didn’t smoke so this was my way of calming my nerves. So much so I acquired the nickname, the Lollipop man for those in standing room in the South Stand at Newlands.

Any guys you are still in touch with?:

I have bumped into a couple of guys up at the Green Mile. Have e-mail contact with some of the others.

Do you follow the UCT Ikey Tigers and the Club?:

Always a Tiger.

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