UCT vs Hamiltons away

Hamiltons 29 : 21 UCT

 On Saturday 12 May UCT travelled to Greenpoint to play against the newly ‘re-vitalised’ Hamies XV. Both the UCT 1st team and 2nd team went to Hammies with their usual arrogance and swagger, and both teams got thoroughly put back in their places.  

The first half began with both sides trading penalties. Hammies, obviously having watched the Bulls from last year, played a typical ‘first channel style of rugby’. UCT, led by Bodo Sieber, in the absence of the injured Kevin Foote, let opportunities slip through their fingers throughout the first half, but some great interplay and running rugby between Richard Lawson, David Clayton and James Richards helped to put some spark into UCT’s attack. 

However, last passes went astray and thus opportunities went a-begging. UCT were first to get on the score board, some great individual strength and skill by Lawson, saw him run 40m with the ball, brushing off defenders effortlessly, an inside ball to support, to find Vakai ‘Fish’ Hove scoring under the poles. Score 10-3. Hammies scored soon thereafter with a push over try under the poles. Score 10-10. What followed was ‘an unfortunate series of events’, the Hammies outside centre broke the UCT line, only to be reeled by hardworking Luzuko Panya, Hammie’s scrumhalf got there first and proceeded to pass the ball straight into JJ’s head, JJ being an athlete with good reflexes, caught the ball in an off-side position. The ref thought that this was deliberate, and proceeded to award a penalty try to Hammies, under the poles. Score 10-17.

UCT emerged from the half, trailing 17-10. Hammies were first to get on the scoreboard after the half, with a skilful chip over the top. Score 24-10. At this point of the game UCT started having injuries, Gareth Wright went off, moving David Clayton to fly half and Andrew Martin to inside centre. Hammies retained the majority of ball in the second half, playing a tactical kicking game and crashing up the first channel. UCT had some great attacking possibilities in the second half, however, all where thwarted by good Hammies defence. David Clayton went off as well; bringing Shaun Stewart to fly half, Marvin Christensen also went off, moving Ryan Hammond (flank) to the wing. UCT could not contain the Hammies attack. Hammies emerged victorious. Final score; 29 – 17.

UCT: 1 Vakai Hove, 2  Simon Westraadt, 3 Ian Mathew, 4 Bodo Sieber (c), 5 Rito Hlungwane, 6 Luzuko Panya, 7 Jody Burch, 8 JJ Gagiano, 9 Shaun Stewart , 10 Gareth Wright, 11 Rob Hopwood, 12 David Clayton, 13 David Edgar, 14 Marvin Christians, 15 Richard Lawson

JP Koster, Ashley Wells, Dylan Rogers, Matt Johnson, Mike Ledwidge, Milo, Matt Rosslee, James Richards


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