UCT vs Collegians

UCT 22 – 7 Collegians

The first match after a long 8 week break for Varsity and vital fixture in the survival of Collegians RFC, sitting bottom of the log with only one win so far, desperate for points to fight relegation – it was always going to be an interesting affair. Surprisingly the Ikeys started in a very clinical and organised way, quickly putting points on the board, dominating the tight lose and being determined in defence. After 20 minutes the score was already 15:0 and it looked like it would be a long night for Collegians.

But as so often the students got carried away a bit and as UCT’s concentration levels weaned the spirits of Collegians got higher and the visitors started looking more dangerous. In the end it was a win – one that was never in danger, but also one that won’t be remembered past next Wednesday. It certainly seemed to have sealed Collegians fate, who after working hard to get promoted back into the Super League earlier in the year, seem to be on their way out again.

UCT: 1 Vakai Hove, 2 Kenrick Brown, 3 Ian Mathew,
Mike Ledwidge, 5 Michael Passaportis, 6 Enoch
Luzuko Panya, 7
Matt Johnson, 8 Jody Burch, 9 Danie van der Merwe, 10 Gareth Wright, 11 Rob Hopwood, 12 Kevin Foote (C), 13 Dave Edgar, 14 James Martin, 15 James Richards

Rob Tilson, Ashley
, Dylan Rodgers, Bodo Sieber, Ryan Hammond, Shaun Stewart, Matt Rosslee

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