UCT Travel to The Bay

Andile Majola

UCT is back on the road this week in the WP Super-A League as they travel to take on their archrivals False Bay. The two sides share a long and convoluted history with many players having represented both sides over the years. This often means that although the log points are important, this game goes down to a lot more than just the points at stake.

The UCT U20A side goes into this match looking to hold onto their undefeated record thus far in the competition. For False Bay they’ll know that not only would a win for them keep them in the running for top four but would also break UCT’s long-running streak. The UCT U20A’s have been phenomenal over the last 2 years and should look to continue their dominance in the competition.

The Bears go up against False Bay 3rd XV who have not lost a single game in this year’s competition. The Bears have been undefeated this far since the return from the winter break and will be hungry to get another win under their belts and continue their fight for a playoff spot. That match kicks off at 13:20.

At 14:40 the UCT 2nd XV, The Eagles take on False Bay as they strive to reach the top of their log. Having only lost one game in the competition thus far the UCT 2nd XV find themselves in a strong position to finish at the top of their respective log.

The main event kicks off at 16:00 and is bound to an Earth-shattering match as 1st on the log take on 2nd on the log. Although False Bay may currently be on top UCT will do everything in their power to Dethrone their fierce rivals at the top of the table and bragging rights for the rest of the year.