UCT RFC facilities revamp update

The UCT RFC facilities are currently undergoing a multi million Rand upgrade ahead of the Ikey Tiger’s 2014 Varsity Cup campaign. The renovations are set to be complete by the 13th of May which means that they will not be finished in time for the first Varsity Cup game, which takes place on Monday 3rd of February.


Head of Sports at UCT, Jonathan Stones, is in charge of the much-needed upgrade from the University side. Speaking about the improvements, he said, “The good news is, the demolition phase was finished as of early December.”

He added "There were some challenges with piping and downpipes that carried storm water and sewerage that needed to be tracked and worked on. Similarly, there were multiple floor levels in the area, so the entire floor had to be be levelled with concrete flooring before the reconstruction phase could commence."

The UCT Club, upstairs from where the rugby pub used to be, is open and available throughout the upgrade, and this is where home Ikeys game alumni gatherings will be held starting 1h45min before kick-off.

The upgrades are very welcome at the club, and the results are sure to be well worth the patience of players, officials and supporters during the months to come.

The upgrade has important implications for both the Ikeys teams and visiting teams, inconveniences of which UCT RFC officials are looking to curb. UCT RFC Rugby Club Manager Gavin Sheldon explained that alternate change rooms are being made available inside the sports centre to house both the visiting and home teams for the Varsity Cup home games.


The ever important referees, on the other hand, will use the lower council room as a base and changeroom.


While the upgrade provides some inconvenience, UCT RFC will have a top-class facility come May, and the noise and dust from the construction will be quickly forgotten.