UCT Ikey Tigers captain JJ Gagiano looks ahead

JJ Gagiano leading from the front – here against Maties.
uctrfc.co.za caught up with UCT Ikey Tigers captain JJ Gagiano after Monday’s win against Tukkies. JJ, who is also a US Eagles International talks about “their” UCT supporters and the next matches ahead.

uctrfc.co.za: Well done for Monday’s performance vs Tukkies! Sounds like this one really should have been on TV!

JJ: Thanks, it was a little close, but we will take the win. It certainly wasn’t our best performance, so not sure if it was worth being on TV (laughs).

uctrfc.co.za: It was definitely exciting, especially the grand finale! We had almost 500 people check the live ticker on the website. You guys really do have a solid support base, were there any blue and white warriors in the crowd?

JJ: Wow, that’s great!!! Ah our fans are the best, we go to other universities and it does not even compare!!! We are really grateful and fortunate to have a such an amazing support base. You guys rock. We had a couple of supporters in the crowd singing a U U U C T it was awesome.

uctrfc.co.za: The Blue and Whitie tide is everywhere, most definitely also in PE next week. NMMU have finally managed their first ever win in the Varsity Cup. What do you expect from Monday’s match?

JJ: It’s going to be very very physical, NMMU will be boosted by their first win and come out firing, it’s not going to be easy, especially in PE. Over the years (Supoerbowl etc), I think they have beaten us more times than we have them, so its going to be a humdinger!!!

uctrfc.co.za: Only three games to go, NMMU, Shimlas at home and Pukke away – not an easy draw. Have you identified one as THE crunch match?

No, we haven’t targeted any game, any time you do that you fall short. This competition has 8 quality, well coached sides and every game is a test match.  But yes, our last 3 games are not the easiest, but that’s why we play rugby, to pit yourself against best. We are looking forward to it, cant wait.

uctrfc.co.za: A true captain. Thanks, and good luck for Monday! The Fan Village will be pumping.

JJ: Thanks, chat soon!

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