UCT grab 5 points in Stellenbosch

Victorians 29:39 UCT

Five tries and five log points is what the Ikey Tigers produced last night out in Stellenbosch’s Danie Craven Stadium, when they took on their old foes Victorians. The entertaining match that also had the home side score four tries saw the Ikeys get back on track and build on their great form of the Varsity cup. 

A full range of UCT RFC teams travelled to
Danie Craven Stadium to play various sides representing Stellenbosch on evening
of Wednesday 23 April 2008. Leading up to the 1st XV match UCT had
produced a range of results, with the seconds clinching a last minute victory
with a forty-five metre intercept try. The scene was now set for UCT to change
their ill fortune in the start of the season.

The opening minutes of the 1st
XV match promised as much excitement. After three minutes Vakai “Fish” Hove broke
through for one of his trademark runs. The referee deemed that he was illegally
tackled with the use of a spear tackle on the Victorians’ (Vics) 22m line, and
awarded UCT with a penalty. UCT fly half Matthew Rosslee converted the easy

Ten minutes later UCT achieved a long passage of possession, and were
gaining metres by offloading in the tackle. After the relentless pressure JP
Koster broke through and gave an offload to Sean van Tonder who was tackled
diving over the try line. The try was awarded but unfortunately Matthew Rosslee
missed the conversion.

After twenty minutes a Vics player fumbled the ball. The
UCT left wing, James Martin, up the ball and chipped, chased and re-gathered it.
As the Vics defence was about to tackle him he passed the ball to Sean van
Tonder whom was chased to the line for his second try of the match.

minutes later a UCT player fumbled the ball from a kick. The ball was played
from an offside position by a UCT player, and Victorians were awarded a penalty
on the UCT 10m. The Victorians fly-half opted for a shot at goal and put his team on the scoreboard.

After twenty-nine minutes
had been played Vics crossed the UCT goal line for the 1st time that
evening. The try came from a UCT mistake after Vics controlled a long
possession. The conversion was expertly goaled from the corner by the Vics’ fly
half. This try forced the Ikeys into action, and JP Koster made another break
down the wing, resulting in a ruck on the Vic’s 22m, UCT received quick ball at
the ruck catching much of their opposition offside. Matthew Rosslee converted
the resulting penalty. On the stroke of half time, Enoch “Nocki” Panya offloaded to Peter Haw, who made a forty metre break. Two phases later the UCT
left wing James Martin went over the goal line to score UCT’s fourth try in the
match. Rosslee’s conversion was the last act of the half leaving the scores at 25-10
to UCT.

The high intensity of the first half continued
through to the second half, when after two minutes the Vics’ inside centre made
a clean pass down to the wing whom scored a sensational try in the corner. The
try was once again converted by the Vics’ fly half.

Three minutes later UCT
struck back in the form of a Dane Galley try next to the up-rights. The try was
scored once again UCT cutting through the Vics’ defence by offloading in the
tackle. Matthew Rosslee made the easy conversion. After thirteen minutes had
passed in the second half, UCT made a rare error for the evening and fumbled
the ball. The Vics’ fullback pounced to gain possession, chipped and
re-gathered to score an easy opportunistic try. James “donkey” Martin sealed
the game with an intercept try which was converted by Matthew Rosslee. Vics
then ran in two late tries to bring the game into reaching distance, but in the end
ran out of time. The final score being UCT 39 Vics 29 in this expansive and
entertaining match.

Report by Chad Barker 

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