UCT bids farewell to Spencer King

It is with regret that we inform you that Spencer King will be resigning his position as UCT RFC Director of Rugby with effect from the end of this year. UCT RFC has been extremely fortunate in being able to enjoy the services of someone as competent as Spencer during the past nine years. During his tenure Spencer has made a significant contribution to the club and has been instrumental in creating the very efficient administrative structure the club currently enjoys. We are most grateful to Spencer for all that he has done for the club and bid him farewell and wish him all the best for the future.

Here an excerpt from Spencer’s speech at his farewell function – wise words from a true UCT stalward:

In my time, the club has experienced some highs (the two that immediately spring to mind are the IV win of 2004, where I behaved particularly badly; and the near league win in 2006) and some lows, but it has always remained strong and survived…   

Club rugby is changing, so-called amateur rugby is changing, clubs
are changing, players’ expectations and needs are changing. Our club
has and must adapt, but my plea to all of you is to ensure that you do
not lose sight of the fact that it is, and should remain, primarily a
student club, that it must not lose its soul, its inner core, its
Varsity Spirit, its love and care of people, its free spirit, its sense
of belonging, all the attributes that have kept it strong from the day
of its conception, all the attributes that initially attracted people
like yourselves to want to belong to it.

Do not let UCT become a one or two team club, where only certain
individuals really matter, and we pay lip service to the others. You
need to get players back into the pub (you will all remember the days
not so long ago when it was packed to the roof). You need to do
everything to hold onto (and restore where necessary) the atmosphere
and camaraderie and social interaction and esprit de corps, that
somehow is slipping away. Please do not let professionalism take that

It is certainly not the buildings or facilities that will attract
players, and make the Club successful; it is the other people involved.
Cherish all those who care about the club, because the ONLY reason
people will want to be part of it, is because of the calibre of the
other people around them, the calibre of people like yourselves. The
rugby club is uniquely special: there is no other like it: value that,
hold onto it dearly, and let no one or anything devalue it or try to
change it: protect it vigorously.  

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