UCT 3rds play the boots off Maties

The UCT 3rds (Ish Dramat) faced their arch rivals Maties in a titanic battle for log points on Saturday.

Maties started strong with a try in the opening minutes. When they scored a second not long after, pushing the scoreboard to 12/0 in their favour, it looked like Maties where going to have it all their way. To compound matters for UCT, their star flanker, Nick van Lierde, dislocated his shoulder in the first two minutes and had to be replaced.
Maties was only having things their way in their own minds though. As is the character of the UCT 3rds they got into their trademark rhythm and started playing excellent rugby. Through some excellent work by the forwards, fly half DJ Fourie broke the line and scored the first of two tries. Matt Russell then scored and DJ Fourie converted. This put the scores level and Maties knew they had a game on their hands. When DJ Fourie scored again and not long after kicked a penalty, the scores looked quite different to the opening minutes with UCT leading 20/12. Maties countered with a try and conversion bringing the score to 20/19. UCT then scored another try through Alistair Heys, which was converted by DJ Fourie bringing the score to 27/19 in favour of UCT. The scoreboard stayed like this until the dying minutes when Maties scored and converted ending the game with 26 points to the 27 of UCT.
UCT showed great character and resolve and the final score do not really reflect their dominance after the initial stages of the game. They scored four tries for a bonus point.
UCTRFC President, Dugald Macdonald, promised before the game that should UCT win he would memorise each players name, should they score four tries, he would include the reserves as well. Mr. Macdonald, start memorising.
UCT 3rds (Ish Dramat) team:
15 Matthew Russel, 14 Alistair Heys, 13 Ben Mienie, 12 Stefan Swanich, 11 Steve Mabwa, 10 DJ Fourie (Vice Captain), 9 Ian Armstrong, 8 Blaine Moolman, 7 Mark Whitehead, 6 Nick Vanlierde, 5 Will Nichol (Captain), 4 Luke Esterhuyse, 3Wilke Brink, 2 Khotso Micha, 1 Graeme Lucas.
16 Brad Gornal, 17 Anthony Kouderis, 18 Govan Manuel, 19 Scott Flowers 20 Thomas Dittmer, 21 Mark Ghaui, 22 Ishma’el Ebrahim.
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