UCT 3rds leaves it late

It’s never easy playing rugby in soft, wet and muddy conditions underfoot, and once again Friday’s fixture against SK Walmers was no different. An incessant deluge finally took a breather just a few hours before kickoff, leaving some parts of the Green Mile a good few inches under water. But the mission was to play rugby, and not complain about a little precipitation.

The first stanza was about as frustrating an affair as you could wish for. Play bouncing back and forth between either team, with neither one ever gaining any real momentum. SK’s number 10 did a good job of turning the UCT backs time after time, with a rather clever boot, ensuring their goal line was never under any pressure. Unfortunately, his kicks at goal were not as pretty. A brace of pot shots missed their target, until eventually he got it right to put over a 3-pointer.
Some good play followed from UCT, with a pretty solid looking passage of play being rounded off by Daniel Sorrell, sliding across the whitewash in the corner. The unsuccessful conversion left it 5-3 at the break. Not a desirable scoreline for the hosts halfway through, but at least they were up.
Not for long, however. SK took control of the second half, using the conditions well. A try shortly after was inevitable, leaving UCT needing to fight back from behind in the last quarter, 5-8 down.
But as much as this UCT side were their own worst enemy, they showed some true class, with their well organised and strong hitting defence keeping them in the running. The pressure started being built, and cracks were starting to open up in the once composed façade of the men from Bo-Kaap. Eventually it became too much, and with mere seconds remaining, captain Will Nichol crossed the line, and a successful conversion by Stefan Swanich brought the game to an end. UCT snuck home by 12 points to 8. They know they’re lucky, and a much better performance will be needed to take out Villagers at Brookside.
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