UCT 2019 Internal League results

2019 Saw another successful season of Internal League for the UCT rugby club. The competition consisted of 10 teams, battling it out for bragging rights and a spot in the Varsity Cup Koshuis Championship for 2020.

The tournament started in May with an upset straight off the bat as last year’s champions the FNB Knights lost convincingly to the FNB Nadoes. As the weeks rolled on it seemed that the favourites were the usual suspects, namely the Nadoes, Cobras and Turtles, however newcomers the UCT Babrows made a nuisance of themselves and turned out some impressive results.

The league was the most competitive it has been in years with teams such as Ubumbo and Smuts getting ever so close to making the top 4 playoff spots. In the end the top 4 teams consisted of Nadoes, Cobras, Babrows and Turtles.

The semifinals were both played at high intensity and saw victors in the FNB Nadoes and FNB UCT Babrows who played out a fantastic final on the Green Mile, with Nadoes coming out victorious in an epic battle.

Well done to all the team members and a special thank you to the referees and medics.

UCT Internal League 2019 awards:

Player of the tournament – Greg Roberts (Babrows)
Forward of the tournament – Matthew Hayward (Babrows)
Back of the tournament – Ross Stone (Nadoes)