Ubumbo vs The Eye of the Tiger Academy

There will be a spectacle at the UCT Rugby Field on Saturday 24 September. Here is an awesome game of rugby to watch while waiting for the league decider between UCT and Stellenbosch’s Victorians.


Internal League rugby side and partners of the UCT Rugby Club, Ubumbo Rugby will be squaring up against the visiting Eye of the Tiger Rugby Academy from Johannesburg at 2:45 on the UCT C-Field.


Ubumbo usually host the Ubumbo Rugby Festival at this time of the year, but held off that celebration this year for their 10 year anniversary in 2012. Instead, they will play a ‘once off test’ against the newly formed Eye of the Tiger Rugby Academy.


Ubumbo has had a challenging season with a young side coached by Khwezi Kula and Malibuye Tom. The side has improved in leaps and bounds over the season and is looking forward to a great 2012 season as the players would have gained plenty of experience for the 2011 season.


The academy is the brainchild of its President, Ms Viwe Qegu, who is a former SARU board member. The academy’s mission is to become a high performance centre providing an opportunity to young players of colour who aspire to take their rugby to a professional level. The idea is to showcase these youngsters and expose them to provincial scouts, and for the academy to monitor the progress of their careers and provide the necessary support to succeed in the competitive space of SA Rugby.


Based in Johannesburg, the academy comprises of club rugby players from around the country, averaging age 20. The side is coached by Themba Ludwaba, a former Springbok in the 1970’s. The current crop of players were selected at a ‘trial and pre-launch’ held in Johannesburg in August. The game against Ubumbo will be their first game. Ironically, they will play this game at the home of the Ikey Tigers!


The match will kick off at 14:45 on the UCT C-Field on Saturday, 24 September.


Be sure not to miss this great fixture in the making.

Malibuye Tom


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