U20 Trials Saturday 21st February

It is time for U20 Trials, this Saturday 21st February 2009 on the Groote Schuur B Field at 14:30

Basic Rules
– 10 a side rules will apply.
– Two 12 minute halves.
– Rolling subs.
– Players MUST play in the numbers that appear on the programme
– If a player is not in the programme, he must wear a jersey numbered 20, 21 or 22.
– No kicking unless in your own 22m.

Coaches for 10 a side teams are as follows:
Team 1        Phil Quma                Team 2        Andri Stander
Team 3        Lups Tuswe              Team 4        Kirsten Marshall 
Team 5         Justin Wiggle            Team 6         Oli Steynor

Game Times
Game 1    Team 1 (Blue)         vs         Team 6 (Stripes)         14:30
Game 2    Team 2 (White)         vs         Team 5 (Stripes)         15:00
Game 3    Team 3 (Blue)         vs         Team 4 (Stripes)         15:30
Game 4    Team 1 (White)        vs         Team 5 (Stripes)         16:00
Game 5    Team 6 (Blue)         vs         Team 3 (Stripes)         16:30
Game 6    Team 4 (White)         vs         Team 2 (Stripes)         17:00

A bring and braai will follow the last game, at the UCT Clubhouse.
Cash bar will be available.

click here for teams and all the info

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