TIGHT5 profiles: Tashneem Alexander

Tash Alexander in the Blue and White frontline
The Maties game is drawing closer and this TIGHT5 girl will be flying a huge Blue and White banner – not only on Monday – but also in the build up.

Tash is the other half of the UCT radio tag team on HALFTIME with Tash and Tam – tune in from 11-2 every weekday for the Ikeys sports inside track. Check out her profile!

Name / Nickname:

Tash and in extreme situations neem… its ghastly, please dont ever call me that

Where are you from?: A lil retirement village in the far south… its such a mission when the night calls for a jam session hence why i call it a RETIREMENT VILLAGE

Whats your super power?: I can dance up a storm (hope that counts lol)

Whats playing on your ipod?: Everything from Miles to Lil Wayne, i’m so into music its quite scary 

Current Facebook status:
Coach Boone:It’s all right. We’re in a fight. You boys are doing all that you can do. Anybody can see that. Win or lose we gonna walk out that stadium heads held high, do your best, thats all anybody can ask for. Big JU: No it aint coach, with all due respect you demand more of us… but we have won every game we have played till now. So this team is perfect… (From one of my favourite films, Remember the Titans)

What are you studying?: BA Film and Media Production (final year!!!)

Flying solo or taken: I am not too keen on flying nor duets lol

Youth or experience: A bit of both. Experience comes from mistakes which builds character but youth definitely entails a sense of fun and freedom which will never die.

Favourite quote:
  ” For when that One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, he marks not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game”
What will be your status on the day of the Maties vs Ikey Tigers game? We came, we saw and we conquered. This is after the game ofcourse.
Before it will be something along the lines of ” I will be mauled by a tiger tonight and i will love every moment of it”.

What was the best ever Ikey Tigers game you watched?
It has to be the Ikey Tigers vs Pukke in 2009. Yeah we lost but the intense vibe on the greenmile was definitely something to write home about.

Any other sports teams you support or are part of? hahaha i have as much sporting ability as Jacob Zuma in a speedo. I am a Stormers supporter through and through though

Before a rugby game on the Green Mile: I get super amped on my radio show and i make sure i capture tons of pics of the amazing crowd

Forward or Backline Players?
Well no doubt that the front row is the engine room of that steam train while the backline are the stars and glamour boys… but with their speed and agility who can blame them. I love the sport and its about a team effort and i admire that, hence why i wont choose.

Which game are you looking forward to most and why?:
Definitely the Maties clash… i gotta settle this facebook feud between my friends and I
Favourite Ikeys moment so far:

Sharing the amazing 2010 Varsity Cup experience with my best friend Tam and shouting for the boys when they have no idea who we are… yet they value our support, i’m sure of it. Oh and Helen Zille in an Ikey’s Jersey how much more legendary can one get!

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