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Tammy Feldman (right) with her evil twin Tash and the Tiger at the Pukke game
The Ikeys are gearing up for a massive encounter with Maties on Monday and so is Tammy Feldman a sports and Tigers crazy legend who also runs a show on UCT radio.


The show is called HALFTIME with Tash and Tam and if you haven’t checked it out, do it every weekday from 11-2pm.  Here is Tammy’s profile:

Name / Nickname: I shall go with the PG rated ones- Bubbles or Candy

Where are you from:
From another planet ( i.e Northern Suburbs)

Whats your super power?:
The ability to make use of verbose language in order to come across
as intelligent when in actual fact I am talking utter nonsense! well, that and partying… 

Whats playing on your ipod?
:I am an old school kinda girl- although electro, house and
trance are always found among some Sting, Muse, Frank Sinatra ….

Current Facebook status:
” I have finally decided I despise technology and as a result shall be moving to a tree
house in the amazon… of course- I shall take facebook with me though .. ;p

What are you studying:
a BA in radio production, media, film and drinking

Flying solo or taken:
No one is brave enough to take me yet .. ha ha

Youth or experience:
I like to mix up the two

Favourite quote: 
” I think like a man but act like a lady ” oh yes and ” Mom, the Meatloaf … F*CK”

What was the best ever Ikey Tigers game you watched?
It has to be the first Ikeys vs maties game I watched at maties
and then successfully invaded the clubs afterwards ..

Any other sports teams you support or are part of?

Anything that carries the S.A logo… I’ll even scream for the national
Chess team … Sport and I have a love affair

Before a rugby game on the Green Mile: I bathe in blue paint

Forward or Backline Players? I am a fan of the whole team !

Which game are you looking forward to most and why?:

This is a obvious one – Maties! I don’t think southern suburbs people understand the
flak I get for supporting a team such as Ikeys- when I live in the Northern Suburbs ..
I want the English boys to crush those plaas kids ;p 

Favourite Ikeys moment so far:

When we beat maties in the final … ( it IS going to happen)

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