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Megan Spencer (right) on a TIGHT5 mission for Ikeys vs TUT (photo blueworld.co.za)
As the Ikeys get ready to travel to UJ for a massive clash, Blue and White supporters are gearing up for an epic Fan Village on Monday
18.30 at EL TIGRE, the UCT Rugby Pub. Naturally the TIGHT5 will be there to make sure everyone is wearing the right colours – one of them is Megan Spencer.

Megs is doing a Bachelor of Social Science and rumour has it her involvement in the TIGHT5 is an undercover mission, as she explores the Blue and White Construction of Reality and aspects of Ikey society. Or maybe she is just having a vibe with her friends and her favourite rugby team – like she did in the Varsity Cup final of 2008, where the Ikeys came so close. Here is her profile:

Name / Nickname:
Megan/ Megs/ Pegs

Where are you from: Far away – Northern Suburbs haha

What’s your super power?: Still trying to figure that out.

What’s playing on your ipod?: The Streets and some chilled passion pit.

Current Facebook status: Megan Spencer is blinded by the lights..

What are you studying: A Bachelor of Social Science 2nd Year.

Flying solo or taken: Recently flying solo hey.. vibe.

Youth or experience: Loved it.

Favourite quote:  Dont worry about people in your past, there’s a reason they didnt make it to your future.
What will be your facebook status on the day of the Maties vs Ikey Tigers game:
Wow I havent thought that far yet but something about the Tigers and Tin Roof that night haha..jokes.

What was the best ever Ikey Tigers game you watched?
The final in Stellenbosch 2008 where we came to close to winning!!

Any other sports teams you support or are part of?
I Play social Hockey for UCT and that about it hey..

Before a rugby game on the Green Mile:

…I go and facepaint everyone!!

Forward or Backline Players?
A bit of both.

Which game are you looking forward to most and why?:
Definitly the final between UCT and Maties 2010 – this year where we going to win it 🙂

Favourite Ikeys moment so far:
Sitting with my friends in our blue and white colours, having a couple drinks at the college pub after we have won the game.

TIGHT5 2010 – blue, white and tight!

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