TIGHT5 profiles – Dominique Smit

Alison and Dominique on the Green Mile (photo: blueworld.co.za)

Thursday night’s party at Tiger Tiger was absolutely brilliant and will definitely be repeated come FINAL time! We know the Ikeys TIGHT5 couldn’t agree more and after they flew the flag on Monday in Stellies, they were also back in action at the Blue and White party. Today’s Blue and White legend is Dominique Smit.

  Name / Nickname: Dominique /  Windex / dominico / dominatrix / domination / condom

  Where are you from?: Joburg! (But secretly love Cape Town waaaaaay more)

  Whats your super power?: I have the ability to beat most people at miscellaneous games e.g. backgammon, pool etc.

  Whats playing on your ipod?: Blocparty 🙂 oooh and Locnville!! So hot right now!!

  Current Facebook status: Dominique cant do this finance tut…eff!!

  What are you studying: BSocSci Labour and Organisational Psychology and Human Resource Management
  (yes, I know, its a mouthfull!)

  Flying solo or taken: Free as a bird, baby!!

  Youth or experience: I like them young 😉 but lately facial hair and suits are a turn on.

  Favourite quote: “Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter” – John Keats

  What was the best ever Ikey Tigers game you watched?

  It was in first year (2008) and it was against Maties. We lost unfortuately but the atmosphere was absolutely amazing.
  Everyone had gone all out and we went out and had  the biggest jam afterwards. Lets make sure next time
  we’re celebrating a win!

  Any other sports teams you support or are part of?
  I support Jaboolie on occasion and I played social hockey for a while (not so social let me tell you!) But rugby is
  definalty the sport to support!

  Before a rugby game on the Green Mile: I sneak out of my lecture which, highly inconveniently, is at 4 o clock!

  Forward or Backline Players? Definatly backline, there’s just something about the boys being behind…

  Which game are you looking forward to most and why?:
  Well its hard to say since I loooove all Ikey games!! But definitely Maties since my brother now attends
  Stellenbosch (grrrr) so we have to kick their asses   when we make it to the final.
  The boys have got to make it something to remember!
  Favourite Ikeys moment so far: when we got picked for Ikey TIGHT5, yay!

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