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Claire with the Tiger at the TigerTiger bash
The Ikey Tigers are in the Final! And it will be one that can’t be topped when it comes to rivalry, bragging rights and vibe. Our TIGHT5 team of extraordinary ladies will be in the front-line of blue and white supporters. Expect Claire Jooste to be there for another legendary effort!

The Public Relations student took the time to introduce herself:

Name / Nickname:
Claire/ Bear, Fairy, Memo, Share-bear

Where are you from:
Somerset West but Cape Town sounds better

Whats your super power?:
I have killer come-to-bed-eyes that can distract any player from the opposing team

Whats playing on your ipod?:
Friendly Fires

Current Facebook status:
is.. wasting time, getting wasted

What are you studying:
Public Relations

Flying solo or taken:

solo.. for now.. wink wink, nudge, nudge..

Youth or experience:
I like the young ones! they bring out the inner tiger (cougar) in me

Favourite quote:

“Growing up is hard. You have to balance work, a personal life & remember to go to the bathroom. Basically its like the Sims but in real life.”
“Alcohol is a persons worst enemy! and only cowards flee from their enemies!”

What was the best ever Ikey Tigers game you watched?
When i was in highschool i went to see Maties vs Ikeys in Stellies the drinking definitely wavered my opinion in favour of varsity rugby!

Any other sports teams you support or are part of?
WP and Stormers

Before a rugby game on the Green Mile:
I go buy my box wine (classy!) and get a touch bit tipsy before kick off

Forward or Backline Players?
Backline.. I may have a slight crush on someone in the backline 😉

Which game are you looking forward to most and why?:

Final against Maties for the gees!  holding thumbs!
Favourite Ikeys moment so far: 

being able to see a certain someone on the big screen every game 😉

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