Discipline was the name of the game in last nights matches as teams grind out wins.

Under perfect sky’s teams came determined to book their spot in the league’s winner section and so too give them leverage to reach the winners sections with one round of fixtures left in the first round.

The evening started with Steinhoff Magic Lions having a tough encounter against Stienhoff Turtles and this was the order of the evening, as Steinhoff Ubumbo, Spanners, and Shebeen Boys all scraping through with narrow wins.

The only teams with confident wins behind their names were Steinoff Nadoes and Stienhoff Panthers. Nadoes  found it hard to break through a new and improved Clarendon team. The match was dead even at half time. The Nadoes then Up’d there game and won the match comfortably.

Steinhoff Panthers on the other hand finally got there game structure together and where comfortable winners with a 10 try margin over their opponents Steinhoff Ikhaya. Panthers where majestic in every thing they did, passing and running into space was exceptional and if the keep this up are sure contenders for Winner section B league which they have qualified for.

The teams that have booked their places for the Winners Section A league are Nadoes, Cobras, Wild Boys, Ubumbo and Spanners. Cats, Magic Lions and Smuts stand in line to book there spot in the League A from their group but only two spots are available. Its do or die in this specific group, next we will know who has pulled it off.

Below are the results of the evening:

Steinhoff Lions 12 – 00 Steinhoff Turtles
Steinhoff Panthers 62 - 00 Steinhoff Ikhaya
Steinhoff Ubumbo 15 - 12 Steinhoff Kopano
Steinhoff Spanners 10 – 03 Steinhoff College H.
Steinhoff Tornadoes 27 - 10 Steinhoff Clarendon
SSteinhoff Shebeen 10 - 00 Steinhoff Marquard
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