With the new season fast approaching, and with it the four new Varsity Cup rules, FNB Ikey Tigers captain Guy Alexander has weighed in on how he expects them to affect the team. “I don’t expect it to affect us that much. We’ve always been a running side and we pride ourselves on running rugby, so the new scoring system suits us. It might just benefit us more than others.”


The rule he is referring to is the new 9-point try, which states that if an attacking team starts a move from inside their own half, and they keep possession of the ball throughout the entire move, they will be awarded four bonus points (resulting in a nine point try).


“I’m sure we can take advantage of this, but it won’t change our game,”


Former Ikeys head coach Kevin Musikanth also believes that the new rules could work in the team’s favour, simply because a faster game will be better for their signature style of play.


The Ikey Tigers have had a successful preseason to date, with a training camp and two warm up games already behind them. Their final test comes in the shape of a match against False Bay’s first XV on the 30th of January. “False Bay are always extremely physical, so it’s great preparation for us,” he said, relishing the opportunity to build on the progress they’ve already made.


“They have a strong pack so we’ll really be tested, but it will be a good indication of where we are before the start of the Varsity Cup.”


The FNB Ikey Tigers will host FNB Shimlas at the Green Mile on Monday, the 8th of February at 19:00 (TV). Tickets available at (