The Warrior Poets – official UCT Ikey Tigers Song

The UCT Ikey Tigers have left nothing to chance in their preparation for the FNB Varsity Cup 2009. The preseason has been intense and long, with friendly’s being played agains the likes of the Stormers, Boland, WP and SWD. That was on the field,  but in true Ikey style they have something extra special up their sleeves.

The talented Andy Schär has written a song called “Warrior Poets” – rumour has it that the Ikey Tigers will perform it with him on radio in the next couple of days.

Andy Schär was kind enough to give a brief background to the song. “I write music for advertising companies in the States for use in television or commercials as well as having my own music here, some of which has had plenty airtime on KFM and Highveld (“Over You” in particular).’ he says. Writing songs comes naturally to the chrismatic musician, “Talking about it one evening with Steve Butt, the UCT Ikey Tigers team manager,  we thought it’d be fantastic to get involved and write something for the Ikey team.” 

And fantastic it is! Andy set out to create something that has meaning to the boys and something they can sing or listen to, to get them fired up before a game. He says “Without being cheesy or over dramatic, all the lyrics have reference and meaning to the players in some way, and that’s what we were hoping to achieve.”  Ultimately though, the lyrics have meaning to all UCT students, so it’s something that Andy hopes the UCT supporters will embrace as theirs too.  How could they not?

Andy, a UCT oldboy himself, tells us it’s been an absolute pleasure working on this little project and he wishes the boys in blue and white all the best for the season.

The song is free (we love open source!!!) and available for people to download and spread like wildfire from the following address:
or you can stream it directly from Andy’s facebook music page:

What a legend! Now where were we – yes, the Blue and White TIDE!!!!

what do you think of the song? spread the news!!!!

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