The Score Takes Care Of Itself

Another successful UCTRFC golf day, 9 holes of fun and laughter was enjoyed by all as the weather played its part at the beautiful Steenberg Golf Estate.


All the familiar faces where out showing there support, many sporting some fabulous moustaches. A huge thank you to Ashley Wells and his team, as well as all the sponsors for all there hard work, and for sorting the formalities of the evening.

Our Chief Dobbo spoke briefly about the campaign, but what echoed through every sentence was the belief that he has in his management/ coaching team, and most importantly his players, he has one massive goal and that is to bring home the Varsity Cup Trophy in 2010. 

Prof Noakes stepped up to the stage, and from the second he began with his always smiling manner, one is drawn into his massive focus, belief and intensity. He is so committed, and is so determined that the Ikey Tigers succeed, that it becomes incredibly humbling to witness. He also spoke of the Ikey Tiger Journey and the destiny that lies ahead. The most important message was striving for perfection. Prof Noakes is worth more than his weight in gold, and I believe could be the final turn in our key to success. 

Congrats to our Two Captains, Nick and Stu. You are both brilliant ambassadors to the club, and are brilliant examples of excellence, the Tiger pride is confident with you two on the front line.
Again a huge thank you to all those who competed and so kindly gave of there money and time. 
The Ikey Tigers Winners of the VC 2010 Believe! 

By:Kevin Foote