Another round of Internal League matches awaits us come Wednesday 01 August. There are a few teams that have not lost a match this season and they would not want to tarnish that achievement.

Steinhoff Shebeen Boys, Steinhoff Turtles, Steinhoff Knights have one thing in common and that’s the 100% winning record they have achieved this season.
The Steinhoff Claredon Knights are up against the Steinhoff Panthers tomorrow evening and could keep their winning ways intact. Steinhoff Panther have under achieved this year as they have only the 2 log points behind their name. Should Steinhoff Knights pick up the win come game night they could easily see themselves hit second spot of the A-League with Steinhoff Nadoes on a bye.
Steinhoff Turtles could do one better in their league should they beat Steinhoff CVU Vikings, but this won’t be an easy task. Steinhoff CVU Vikings could however go top should they beat turtles with a bonus point as Steinhoff Shebeen boys also find themselves on a bye.  The Res-League is quite a tight affair as 5 team’s battle for four semi-final spots.


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