Steinhoff Tornadoes ready for a challenge against Steinhoff Dagbreek

Come Monday, the Steinhoff Tornadoes will be travelling to Stellenbosch to take on Steinhoff Dagbreek in a curtain-raiser match before the semi-final between FNB Maties and FNB UP Tuks. The rivalry between FNB UCT and FNB Maties goes without saying, and the Steinhoff Tornadoes are more than ready for a challenge on enemy grounds.

“We’ve had a good season so far,” says Alessio De Gouveia, captain of the Steinhoff Tornadoes. “We always start our matches well, the boys always come out firing. I’ve also seen a great defensive effort from the team, so we know that everyone is committed.”

“We did lose by about eight points against Mopanie in Pretoria, but our flight was delayed by about four hours so we barely had a warm up. But then we played really well against the Harlequins; it always boosts your confidence when you keep a team scoreless,” De Gouveia said when reflecting on the team’s results.

“The team has really come together this season. We only played together for the first time during our preseason, but now we’ve grown together. One of our team mates even hosted a braai for the team last night.”

The Steinhoff Tornadoes are aware that most of the supporters who will be present at their match on Monday will be supporting Steinhoff Dagbreek, but De Gouveia believes that that will give the team an extra bit of motivation. “The team is a bit nervous, but they enjoy playing under pressure. It’ll be their first time in front of such a big crowd and we know that most of them will be supporting Maties, but that will just motivate us. Sometimes having people in the crowd shouting at you gives you that drive to perform better,” De Gouveia said.

Steinhoff Tornadoes team to play Steinhoff Dagbreek:
15 Karl Martin, 14 Jabu Rachia, 13 Yale Jameson, 12 Phil Jacobs, 11 Vusi Gubeni, 10 Steph de Govea, 9 Justin Rowe-Roberts, 8 Luke Kuhn, 7 Zukile Ncube, 6 Jacob Perren, 5 James Pagden, 4 Tom van As, 3 Yandi Maqenukana, 2 Aphiwe Qaba, 1 Marty Chandler

16 Ty de Brito, 17 Moesha Mdabula, 18 Oliver Neill, 19 Ken Kabongo, 20 Lloyd Gluckman, 21 Chris Ford, 22 Craven Masalaba, 23 Dean Adams

By Wessley Thring

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