Steinhoff Internal League – Knock out (Stage 1)

A few upsets were on the cards in the Steinhoff Internal League. The knock out stages saw some favourites being knock out to play for a lower position in the league.Results as they happened.



Steinhoff Barbarians
14 -35
Steinhoff Spanners
Steinhoff Ikhaya
10 – 05
Steinhoff Clarendon
Steinhoff Nadoes
31 – 00
Steinhoff College House
Steinhoff Turtles
03 – 00
Steinhoff Ubumbo
Steinhoff Shebeen boys
00 – 00
Steinhoff  Panthers
Steinhoff Cobras
40 – 15
Steinhoff Kopano
Steinhoff University House
00 – 45
Steinhoff Smuts
Steinhoff Marquard
00 – 17
Steinhoff Wild Boys

The match between the Shebeen Boys and the Panthers were awarded to the Shebeen Boys. A thanks goes out to the Panthers manager Ryan Mcknight for be such a great sport in the decision.

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