Steinhoff Internal League – Knock out Results 16 September 2009

Reigning champions Steinhoff Cobras fell victim to a resilient Steinhoff  Ikhaya team. The Steinhoff Cobras kept on attacking but had no venom in their attack as brilliant defence was the key for the Steinhoff Ikhaya team. The Tornadoes caused havoc over their opponents to reach yet another Steinhoff Internal League Rugby Final. Let’s have a look at the results of the other Steinhoff teams. Further results…

Knock out stage 2
RESULTS : 16 September 2009

Teams playing for 1st to 4th place

Steinhoff Nadoes
33 – 00
Steinhoff Wild Boys
Groote Schuur B
Steinhoff Cobras
08 – 14
Steinhoff Ikhaya
Groote Schuur C

Teams playing for 5th to 8th place

Steinhoff College House
14 – 28
Steinhoff Marquard
Groote Schuur A
Steinhoff Clarendon
10 – 05
Steinhoff Kopana
Groote Schuur B

Teams playing for 9th to 12th place

Steinhoff Spanners
05 – 15
Steinhoff Shebeen Boys
Groote Schuur B
Steinhoff Smuts
07 – 05
Steinhoff Turtles
Groote Schuur A

Teams playing for 13th to 16th place

Steinhoff University House
00 – 15
Steinhoff Ubumbo
Groote Schuur C
Steinhoff Panthers
20 – 00
Steinhoff Barbarians
Groote Schuur A
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