Statement from the Ikey Tiger

Ikeys, you absolute legends… You are flying the Blue and White flag like true champions! I taught you well! Our fight for a home final has not gone unnoticed, but the final will still be held in Pretoria. But before you start throwing old fan guides and Maties freshers at me, hear me out for a second…

Your support has been phenomenal and we would not be where we are now without you! We love playing at home and in front of all of you – it is epic! We also love the Varsity Cup tournament and the great experiences it brings on and off the field. Oh, and we do darn well in it (Finals!). But we signed up 100% – for the perks AND the rules.

The VC rules state that in the event of a home team not being able to provide adequate facilities (i.e. suitable lighting) the other team hosts the final. Only if that team also can’t provide facilities can the original team suggest an alternative venue of less than 20 000 seats (So, only Stormers and WP jerseys at Newlands this year). Tuks has facilities. We don’t. That’s how it stands (or lack of stands, rather).

UCT has really tried to solve the lighting problem. However, equipment and hiring costs are ridiculous, and that means tickets would have to cost in excess of R100! Cheaper than a bus or plane ticket, yes, but still not feasible.

There are plans being drawn up by UCT for improved facilities (an Ikeys stadium!) and funds have started to come in, so we know we will never be in this position again! Your action has created a massive groundswell in support and urgency! And yes, we do need all the support we can get to make it happen – and we need you all behind us now so we get to play there as Champions!

We wanted to give you that one huge night at home on the Green Mile, but we will bring home the Cup and we can keep the trophy here ALL YEAR LONG! Our blood is blue and white, no matter where the final is being held -  and we know you will back us 100% on our trek to Pretoria.

UCT Ikey Tigers – Varsity Cup Champions 2011! Back your Boytjies! 

Once an Ikey, ALWAYS a Tiger

Ps. There will be a Mega Fan Park on the Mile!


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