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State of the Ikeys 2013 an observation

John le Roux, one of the catalysts of the UCT rugby revival and former player, captain, waterboy, team manager and self proclaimed varsity rugby fanatic shared some observations following Monday's Match at UP Tuks.

UCT who are two matches into their 2013 Varsity Cup campaign and have scraped past a first win on both occasion- bar a missed kick and an intercept try. The modest Ikeys rugby statesman John le ROux travelled to Pretoria and stayed with the Ikey Tigers and was on the field side for the match that ended 24:16 – a balance of one converted try. 

John reports " It seemed to me that not much has changed since I played for UCT against Tukkies in about 1969 / early 1970 for instance Tukkies have in abundance many player resources, massive support from the University and the Provincial Union etc, whilst UCT’s competitive advantage then and still remains OUR PEOPLE.

This very young 2013 UCT RFC team showed tremendous team support and love for each other.  They were very professional, disciplined, well-behaved and well prepared.  They are also very positive, happy and had fun together.

Well done to the coaching/management team, Kevin Foote, Shimmy Shimange, Tom Dawson-Squibb, Paul Day, Doc Huber, Lisa Gagiano, Mike van Rheede, Tiaan Campher and Philip Kilroe.  You did UCT RFC proud!  Any UCT Varsity Cup rugby player involved with you will be the better for this experience.

This team of players and coaches is giving 110% so we all need to do what we can to help them get the score board results that they deserve and are so close to achieving.

I am proud to be an Ikey!" 

See you all on Monday on the Green Mile when the U20A Trojans take on NMMU U20 at 5pm and the Ikey Tigers kick off against UJ at 7pm. 

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  1. Rex Wickins
    Rex Wickins says:

    I felt the Ikeys were their own enemies, shaky line outs not ideal to set up a push over try. A couple of bad options but even more plain bad luck. They look a better combination than last year. Slatem and fullback Xoli showing a lot of promise.


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