U20s – Some words for the big occasion

The Warrior

A rugby team is made up of so many different folk
The roughies and the toughies,
And the ones who love a joke,
The schemers and the dreamers,
And the ones who need a start,
And then there is a special breed,
The ones we say have ‘heart’

I call this man a warrior, it’s easy to perceive
He wears his badge of courage
And he wears it on his sleeve,
He’s the one who leads the charge
When ground is hard to get,
He’s the one who turns the tide
When rot’s about to set

In an era where our training
Has undergone such a change
And we’re highly scientific, right across the range,
We test for explosive power and we test for body fat,
But just what makes a warrior; we have no test for that.
It isn’t simply toughness
And it’s not a thing you’ll measure
It could be analysed as blend of pain and pleasure,
It’s that very special something that stands a man apart,
We all quickly recognise it; we simply call it ‘heart’!