SK Walmers vs Ikeys at Greenpoint

SK Walmers 21 : 0 UCT

skwalmers_away2007_01_sml.jpgOn Saturday 11 August, UCT travelled to ‘the track’ in Greenpoint to
take on SK Walmers. Conditions were atrocious, with torrential downpours during
the week, the SK field had been turned into an ankle deep mud bath.
UCT took to
the field in a torrential downpour with determination, however a mistimed cross
kick put SK onto the scoreboard early on. SK’s flyhalf, kicking for the corner,
skewed his kick, which went straight down his left wings throat which resulted
in a short sprint to the try line. Score 7-0. 

The game was not very exiting. The forwards dominated all facets of
play, with the backs being unable to run/pass and thus being absolutely
ineffectual. SK kicked everything, and UCT tried repeatedly to run it back.
Unfortunately, by trying an expansive game in the first half, UCT conceded a
number of turnovers and lost passes, which hurt the students dearly. SK’s
second try game through a turnover and counter ruck by SK. A botched
‘short-lineout’ resulted in a stray ball, which was picked up by the SK wing who
ran 60m to score.














The second half saw UCT with all the possession and territory. UCT
repeatedly attacked the SK line, but to no avail as SK’s line defence was solid. The second half was scoreless and uneventful. Final score 21-0.

UCT: 1 Vakai Hove, 2 Kenrick Brown, 3 Dylan Rodgers,
Bodo Sieber, 5 Michael Passaportis, 6 Enoch
Luzuko Panya, 7
Matt Johnson 8 Jody Burch, 9 Danie van der Merwe, 10 Gareth Wright, 11 Rob Hopwood, 12 Kevin Foote (C), 13 Andrew Martin, 14 James Martin, 15 James Richards

Rob Tilson, Ashley
, Ian Mathew, Mike Ledwidge, Rito Hlungwane, Shaun Stewart, Matt Rosslee

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