Score update: Pukke vs UCT Ikey Tigers

UCT traveled to Pukke, a win or even a bonus point will serve them a home semi final! Pukke can claim the home semi if they beat Ikeys by more than 9 points and with a bonus point. The match is televised, but have all the loyal Ikeys supporters out there covered with our score update- check all the action right here!

Kick off! 16.45

Minute 5:
Intense start from both teams, no score yet.
Minute 7: Pukke open the score, with a penalty, 3:0.
Minute 8: The Pukke winger crosses the line, but fumbles.
Minute 10: Pukke score off a short line-out. Their no8 breaks in the middle and runs it home from the UCT 10m. Conversion added. 10:0
Minute 13: Rosslee misses a penalty.
Minute 19: UCT getting into the game better, no score, still 10:0.
Minute 26: UCT in the Puk 22 now, but Pukke lineout – bit of kick ping pong, still no score.
Minute 30: Ikeys back in the Pukke half with a lineout. UCT string phases…
Minute 35: Rosslee gets UCT on the board. 10:3
Minute 38: Marvin Christian scores in the corner! Rosslee adds the extras 10:10!
Minute 40: Rosslee gets another chance at goal – 30m out on the 5m line. Just misses.


Minute 42:  And we’re back for the second half. Pukke get pealised and Rosslee lines up a penalty long range, he has the distance, but pushes it right off the posts.
Minute 45: Pukke attack well, UCT get panalised. Puk go for the line-out, albeit the kick being very kcikable. They want a try. UCT defend well, but get penalised again. Lineout again and Pukke push hard – penalty no3! Lineout again 5m out.
Minute 47:  Pukke score off the lineout. Well played maul. They add the extras to make it 17:10
Minute 55: Both teams play well, but outside either 22. UCT kick a penalty into the Puk 22 for a lineout – but get turned.
Minute 58: Subs for Ikeys – Wells, Goosen, Moyake, Nel are on. Still 17:10
Minute 60: Ikeys get penalised and a stern warning for slowing down the ball in the ruck. Pukke kick to touch outside the UCT 22.
Minute 62: Dane Johnson just on, hacks a lose ball down field, dangerous, but he overcooks it and it goes out on the deadball. At the current score UCT keep their home semi.
Minute 66: Prop Shane Meyer is down injured after a scrum, but plays on. Pukke kick a long penalty, but miss touch, now Rosslee gets a chance to line up a long range penalty. Kicks wide.
Minute 69: Ikeys get two scrums, which get turned 180 by the dominant Pukke pack who win the put-in. All in Pukke territory, so no danger. UCT now get penalised for taking down the scrum.
Minute 70: Ikeys steal the Pukke lineout and kick back into Puk territory. Meyer comes off, Rogers back on.
Minute 71: Pukke need to score three more tries in last 9 minutes. Puk lineout now on the UCT 22.
Minute 73: UCT get penalised for offside. Pukke kick to touch and maul five meters out, but UCT defend hard and win a penalty. Rosslee kicks to the 10m.
Minute 75: UCT win their lineout and maul – but get penalised. Again kick and lineout 5m out to Pukke. Puk fumble the throw – UCT scrum.  Rosslee clears to the half way line.  Puk try the quick throw, but dont go 5m – free kick UCT,  played quickly.
Minute 77: UCT grubber into the Puk try area – ball dead. Puk mess up their 22 and UCT win it. Penalty for UCT! Easy kick for Rossles 13:17.
Minute 78: Wickins finds a gap and UCT attacked well and hard. The ball goes wide, but gets lost. Scrum Pukke who attack out of their own half.
Minute 80: Siren. Game over – UCT get their Home Semi and will play Pukke again next week on the Green Mile! Mission accomplished! over and out!

UCT Ikey Tigers: 15 Therlow Pietersen, 14 Marvin Christians, 13 Tiger Bax, 12 Pieter Engelbrecht, 11 Peter Haw, 10 Matt Rosslee, 9 Stuart Commins, 8 JJ Gagiano (captain), 7 Enoch Panya, 6 Nick Fenton-Wells, 5 Donovan Armand, 4 Michael Passaportis, 3 Shane Meier, 2 Dayne Jans, 1 Dylan Rogers.
Replacements: 16 Mark Goosen, 17 Ashley Wells, 18 Dane Galley, 19 Kuselo Moyake, 20 Kyle Wickins 21 Mike Nel, 22 Dane Johnson.

Head coach: John Dobson
Assistant coach: Robbie Fleck

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