Q&A with William Rose – inside the Ikey Tigers Digs

  1. Remind me what you studying – how’s it going and how has the move to online changed your work ethic?
    I am studying a B.A Sociology & Politics and planning on doing my post grad in Law.  Online learning benefits me quite a bit because with training; its give me my own time to do my work and I am not under so much pressure with balancing academics and sport. In fact, my work ethic has increased; it definitely helps being in a digs with all the okes, we set time out and then just work together. We can’t really do this in the normal campus set up; because lectures are at different times and we have other commitments.
  2. How are you keeping rugby alive in your life during this “forced downtime” ?
    Obviously I’ve had a break from rugby due injury but its been beneficial because I have had time to fully recover post-op and work on my rehabilitation. We, as a household, have started training and we made ourselves our own home gym. WP training has started – going onto the 4th week –  and I have been working closely with my skills coach to perfect my form. I haven’t played the game in a while so I am just focusing on the finer details to help me become a better all-round player. This time has been really nice to work and focus on the small things.
  3. What advice would you give a young guy entering the club in 2021?
    Just to learn as much as you can; and if you’re from somewhere outside of the Western Cape, just try make friends and get to know them. Importantly, speak to the senior players in your position; chat to them about what it is like and their tactics. Don’t be shy to ask a round, the okes are really welcoming. The club is such a  welcoming environment but you need to focus on your studies and not just rugby because the work load gets big.
  4.  What do you wish you knew before starting at: a) UCT – from an academic point of view and b) Rugby in the university set up
    a) Jono is pretty good at explaining these things to you. Jono was very helpful in what it is like coming to UCT and all the academic credits you have to get. The academic world is the most important thing, and Jono really helped us to understand that.
    b) How tough it can get, I played a few cubs games and then went to the seniors. School level to senior level is pretty intense and it was especially tough on the body. It is at such a higher level; it is crazy. So I think what I wish I knew before is knowing how demanding it would be on the body.
  5. How do you think you have evolved from a school boy rugby – Bishops 1st team player to an Ikey Tiger? – what do you think the main differences are?
    UCT Rugby forces me to work on my all round game, at school you could make some mistakes but when it comes to Varsity Cup; there is very little room for error. You, as a player, have to know each and every small details. I’d say that I have learnt to work on the small details that is specific to my position. I think the trick is to see your competition in your position and outwork them – that’s what I did at least. Also, I am only 20 years old, I am still learning!  
  6. What was it like living in the UCT Rugby digs?
    Living in a digs is pretty cool. We all get along really well and we all goal driven individuals so we push each other to achieve what we initially set out to do. I must be honest, it does get competitive sometimes, but we get the best out of each other and keep each other in line. From an academic point of view, we are all doing similar degrees so we help each other which is quite beneficial.
  7. What do you think makes the Ikey Tigers unique?
    It is such a welcoming environment. It is competitive on the field but off the field it is unreal. I don’t think I have experienced anything like it. You work hard on the field but off the field it is such a chilled environment where we all get to know each other.
  8. If you could invite three dream dinner guests to your table – who would you invite and why?
    Aaron Smith: he is the best scrum-half in the world – having him there would be cool, I’d ask him some important questions and try to understand how he goes about his business.
    Kanye West: I think he is so invested in himself, I don’t think it is a bad thing. He doesn’t let the small things get him down. To witness what he has been through to where he is now is so inspirational; I think we can all take a page out of his book. Inky Johnson: He is just one of the most inspirational people out there. His motivational talks are crazy. I identify with him, he comes from a struggle, and I come from a struggle. He reminds me that everything happens for a reason; and in order to create something meaningful, you need to have your own reasons for why you do things.
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