Q&A with Ruben Labuschagne – Catch Up with a Cub

  1. Remind me what you studying – how’s it going – how has the move to online changed your work ethic?

    I am studying a BSci in Property Studies. So far it has been good, and I have passed all my subjects. Initially, the transition from in-person university to online learning was quite good; but then I started to get a bit over it and slacked a bit. But it all sorted itself out and exams went well.
  2. How are you keeping rugby alive in your life during this “forced downtime” ?
    I bought a training programme with Steve Mac (conditioning coach) and I am training quite well. I also bought some equipment and I have been training quite lekker. I am part of a touchies team and I have been watching some Super Rugby, so from a rugby point of view, it is actually going quite well.
  3. What advice would you give a young guy entering the club in 2021?
    First of all, I would advise him to come in with an open mind, to come and learn; not only as a rugby player but as a person in general. There is a huge diversity of people in the club and you can learn so much from different people.
  4. How do you think you have evolved from a school boy rugby player to an Ikey Tiger?
    I was in Stellenbosch (Paul Roos) for 5 years so I wanted something different, and I just wanted to get out of my comfort zone. To be honest, I think in this year’s short season, the coaches gave us a lot of a freedom to play; whereas in matric we were told exactly what to do. The relationships fostered between the coaches and players in the UCT set up is completely unique. These relationships have given me confidence both on and off the field.
  5. Although you only had a short stint at the club before Covid-19 restrictions – what are some of the things you can pinpoint that are unique?
    Definitely the vibe at the club, I have never felt something like this before. Just the love everyone has for each other makes the club unique in itself. When we were in Bloem [on tour], when we were singing afterwards, it is really amazing and unifying experience. I honestly don’t think that I could get this feeling anywhere else.
  6. Three dream dinner guests – who would you invite and why?
    Siya Kolisi – because he inspires me, especially where he comes from; just to speak to him and just get his perspective on where he comes from to where he is now.
    Warren Buffet: I am interested in the business side of things, and I would be interested to hear his advice.
    Angus Buchan: My religion is the most important thing in my life, and he is a mentor and he someone I look up to. I think I would just to have a chat about life and everything else.