Poll results: Which Ikey Tiger has rocked the Green Mile the most in 2010

Our poll was hit by +500 voters and the results point clearly in the direction of two players who were frequently seen in the Varsity Cup’s pink shorts for the “Player that rocks”. Exciting center Marcel Brache and the consistently excellent 8th man JJ Gagiano.

JJ was also up for the Varsity Cup’s “Forward that Rocks” as well as the overall “Player that Rocks”, but narrowly missed out on those honours.

Here the full vote results:

Marcel Brache       40.4%      
JJ Gagiano           18.1%      
Matt Rosslee       13.9%      
Marcello Sampson  8.4%      
Ash Wells               7.2%      
Don Armand           7.2%      
Therlow Pietersen   3%      
Stu Commins         1.8%    

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