Pink Shorts for a difference

You have all seen the Ikey “Player that Rocks”, the man of the match – run out in pink shorts. You having noticed means the campaign is working. It is called ‘Keep the Agro on the Field’ and aims to raise awareness and funds in a bid to prevent violence against women.

The Ikey Tigers have adopted the “Sisters Inc” shelter in Claremont a facility that does excellent work in providing care and a save haven for women and also children in distress following violence. You can help the team make even more of a difference.

You can make donations via a special SMS line and, in the process; help settle the debate concerning the Best Supported University in South Africa. Each SMS sent will cost R2 and all proceeds will go towards a Varsity Cup Trust, which will then be donated in a bid to prevent violence against women.

See this link for m or einfo on the campaign.

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