Last night saw teams play a different style of rugby normally associated with them. It was all out aggression from the kick-off. It clearly looked like teams have decided to take a harder and more physical approach to the tactical game.

Last night saw minors Catsville play a more experienced Marquad team as the opening game after the varsity break. With Marquad winning the toss and electing to play against  the wind, Catsville knew they had to score early. Catsville played aggressively, using there forwards at every opportunity they could. Marquard soon saw the game plan being adapted and soon started playing a similar type of game. It was Catsvile that drew first blood with that ever hard working front row of theirs. The score now at 5-0 in Catsville’s favour Marquard pressed forward with every opportunity. Catsville however defended their lead making several tackles which saw the crowd now cheering after every tackle being made. As the match progressed it was inevitable that a fight was going to break out and it did but the referee intervened at the right time and nothing serious came from it except a few pushes and tugs on jerseys. The game ended 5 – 0 in favour of Catsville.
The main featured match against Tornadoes and Ubumbo was another physical encounter. With Ubumbo loading their team with physical type players such as Ntsolo and Sam Peter to counter the flair and grace with which the Tornadoes play. Tornadoes soon adapted a similar type of game plan to which Umbumbo was playing and soon were awarded a penalty which was calmly slotted by their flyhalf.  Nadoes now mostly playing with their front row and having the flanks run off them saw them score with Brad van der Westhuizen, jersey No.03 crossing the line for their first try, the conversion was a hard one due to the angle but this was converted by stand in Fly half Guy Loxton. As the match ventured on the physicality of the match saw Nadoes Captain Anton take a blow in the Ribs that saw him sidelined for the rest of the match. This however didn’t stop the Nadoes from playing their now new physical but expansive game. Ubumbo had a penalty awarded in there favour which was the only points they could muster up on the evening. Nadoes went on to score 2 more tries through Phil Quma and Brennan Wright which saw them win the match 22 – 3.
The match between the Cobras and the Shebeen Boys was a one sided affair with Cobras scoring 6 tries to the Shebeen Boys single try. Cobras were not going to sacrifice there game plan,  Callan Artus saw yellow in the early stages of the match which saw the cobras struggle a bit against the physical scrumming attribute of the Shebeen Boys as the game went on the Cobras ran riot as they beat Sheebeen Boys 40 – 5 on the night.
Other results of the evening:
Steinhoff Spanners
Steinhoff Clarendon
Steinhoff Turtles
Steinhoff College House
Steinhoff Smuts
28 (4)
Steinhoff Kopano
Steinhoff Catsville
Steinhoff Marquad
Steinhoff Cobras
Steinhoff Shebeen Boys
Steinhoff Nadoes
Steinhoff Ubumbo
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