Opening match – reactions – updated

The first 80 minutes of nailbiting UCT Varsity Cup action are behind us – here some reactions:

“The University of Stellenbosch’s Maties ran out close-shave 12-10 winners over their arch-rivals University of Cape Town in the feature Varsity Cup match at Groote Schuur, Rondebosch, on Monday.” Sapa reports

JJ Gagiano – UCT Captain:
We are obviously disappointed, but its not the be all and end all. It’s a long tournament and it’s not how you start its how you finish. I am very chuffed with the boys, the way they stood up and got counted and am also very happy with the physicality of our game. There are one or two things to work on, so we will get back out on the field and keep working hard. Thanks for the amazing Blue and White support – fantastic to have a real HOME game!

Ikey Tiger (UCT mascot on facebook): is BLEAK! Why not use the TMO?

Eljoh T (FB):
Why not use the same set of rules for both teams? But im proud of the guys!

Keba M (FB):
These things happen, man. Hard luck.

Heinrich D (FB):

I know bru, such bullshit. The way the ref blew the breakdowns was a joke. Though shall stay on your feet, unless your jersey is maroon.

Steffen B (FB):

Couldn’t agree more. The breakdowns were a mess, looked like a 12-in-1 convention there were so many bodies strewn everywhere. PLUS, 3 mins to go pile of bodies on the line, 5 points in it, unsighted ref refuses to use technology – go figure!!

Still, think the blue & whites will be most competitive again this year.

John M (FB): 

I can’t believe the Tigers were robbed again!! Well done UCT on playing better rugby…

Neil M (email):
UCT were magnificent both on and off the field. The key principals of the Tournament, were disappointed in terms of the result of the match for UCT, but overwhelmed by the turn out and the wonderful atmosphere of this key opening game of the Varsity Cup. They almost could not believe that  the University has not yet opened.

What do you think? Will the boys bounce back?
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