Off the Mark – Young ikeys introduced to league

Wow what a rugby season so far for me personally, with the end of the Varsity Cup the young ikeys have the league to play for and what a different animal it is!

Having been at UCT for a number of years, this was my first ever starting “Senior 1st XV” cap. We made things extremely hard for ourselves and I must say we looked rather “flat” through most of the game, I dont think the red wine at the vice chancellors house the night before helped issues on a day when we found ourselves playing in the heat as opposed to the 7.30pm kick offs of the Varsity Cup.
Firstly we must welcome back the only two senior players to return to the Ikeys 1st XV, that being Bodo “the door” Sieber, the German machine who holds the record for the most UCT first team caps in history, what experience to have considering the age of most of the players, the “AUDI” as i like to call him had a solid returning game and led the side exceptionally well! Next up is Enoch Panya, the burly UCT fetcher who has had a killer pre-season and showed some awesome form in the warm up games returned to the side and had a fantastic game, all over the ball whenever there was a ruck its awesome to have “Noksy” back in the side.
In terms of the league UCT are fully commited to producing some serious results, coming off the Varsity Cup and all the Glitz and Glamour of the competition it was quite weird to hear Dobbos voice from the stand! As in the VC the crowd drowns out our head coaches fustrations! What must be known to all our supporters and Ikeys out there is that although it may seem that its easy for the ikeys to fall into a trap of relaxation after a epic tournament like the Varsity Cup, the league is still as everybody knows the bread and butter of the club! The VC has been around for 3 years the league has been there for 103 years or whatever! So trust us when we say the league is as important and we just as keen!!
What i must say about the league is that the rugby is totally different, there some 38 year old props that would have played in the same team as Paul Cohens father! Pauly is 19 years old and Door is 31 years old! I LOVE UCT! haha anyway its good for the fearsome looking DOOR as we explain to him about things such as YDE and PRADA and in turn he shows us how to address a misbehaving opposition tighthead with some tricks one can only learn when you played top end UCT rugby for so many years! In terms of our age as a side we are quite young and its quite awesome to read up on old stories about “Fish” and “Crusty”. One can only respect and try to imitate these hero’s of Varsity rugby and what a priveledge it is to have two of those legends in the team to help us young, flashy, lost children!
Anyway fellow UCT people! I hope you enjoy the league this year and we will be sure to fly the Ikey flag high as we entertain all our supporters every saturday. Thank you so much too on behalf of the Varsity Cup players for the ongoing support we received. It was an experience i hoped to convey through my colummn and i hope you enjoyed OFF THE MARK during the Varsity Cup. OFF THE MARK will continue during the season and lets just say after some of those infamous UCT fines meeting there will be plenty of stories to tell! Thanks everyone!